Symphony Creative Solutions (SCS) has produced a wide array of solutions catered to the shipping and logistics industry. Some of them are proudly presented below.

Dock Scheduler

One stop portal for various stakeholders to check for any schedule changes. Maximise jobs performed in the short stay at the docks, leave port earlier, and be on your way to the next port earlier.

✓ Better planning of allocation of workers working on weather-dependent jobs
✓ Schedule projects simultaneously or consecutively, minimising downtime
✓ Analyse performance of contractors and choose the most efficient ones

Dock Scheduler Web

Marine Gear

Digitalisation need not be tedious and time consuming. Collect your data points quickly without having to invest large amounts of time and manpower.

✓ Record change in temperature by scrolling. Recorded data is automatically synced with shore
✓ Track the progress of moving cargo at a terminal. Get a good estimate of time required and performance of the terminal
✓ Keep track of where all your tools are. Handle and manage orders of equipment right from the app

Cargo Work Support Mobile Reefer Monitoring Mobile


Guardian helps operators achieve visibility of the locations of vessels and their respective times of arrival at ports.

✓ Factors in weather changes to better estimate
✓ Receive email notifications for events that will affect your vessels’ schedules
✓ Fully integratable with other systems

Guardian Web


Transportation management system for automobile logistics. Handle cumbersome paperwork from the palm of your hand.

✓ Driver management - communication with planners and reward system for drivers
✓ Check and record damage through the app, use the app camera function to scan barcodes
✓ Real-time tracking of goods, completion of delivery, real time receipt of ePOD

Gear Web

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